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Guiding Principles
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Our Guiding Principles
  According to our Mission and Core Values, we guide our actions with the following principles:
We always put quality first.
  We firmly believe that excellent quality is the foundation for the success, and any sacrifice of quality means sacrifice of the long-term success of our company.
  We seek for the standard of “Zero Defect”, and never loosen our efforts on quality.
  Although we spend every penny carefully and strictly, we never compromise on quality.
  We value every detail, and strive to do things right at the first time.
We focus on customers’ satisfactions.
  We pay attention to speed, responding quickly to the changes of customers’ demands, and replying immediately to customers’ complaints and suggestions.
  We try to enhance customers’ satisfactions by supplying competitive high-quality products and services beyond customers’ expectations.
  We attach importance to setting up long-term and stable relationships of mutual benefit and win-win situations with our customers.
Our employees are the most valuable wealth of the company.
  High-quality talented people with “Loyalty + Professionalization” are the basis for our company to acquire competitive advantages.
  We work hard to create an environment for esteeming, developing and attracting high-quality talented people, and offer trainings and supports to our employees, and continuously enhance their skills.
  We attach importance to using our employee’s advantages, advocating and encouraging them to exert their own advantages and capabilities.
  We pay attention to and listen attentively to every employee’s suggestions, and encourage him or her to make suggestions and offer advices for the corporate development.
  We treat fairly all our employees, and select, promote and reward them without concern with  any factors unrelated to the work performances.
  We care for our employees, protect their legitimate rights and interests, and continuously improve their living quality.
Continuous learning and improvement are a key to success.
  We embrace reforms with an attitude of “can do”, and challenge new things actively.
  We encourage and expect our employees to try their utmost to enhance their own capabilities.
  We attach importance to every simple, minor and inconspicuous improvement, and regard it as a key to the continuous improvement of our company.
  We pay active attention to and utilize new technologies and processes, and we persistently seek for excellence in such aspects as quality, cost and schedule of projects.
  We persist in imitating, learning from and referring to the advantages of others to offset our own weakness, and we are good at learning from mistakes and making continuous improvements.
Teamwork is our working manner.
  In whichever department or at whichever position, we must make concerted efforts and cooperate with one another.
Only through teamwork, can we minimize our cost, optimize our quality and perfect our services.
  We encourage and promote assistance and cooperation among various departments and areas.
  We work together with an attitude of gratitude and tolerance, and share experience and knowledge among us.
  We try to reach our concerted objective by communicating and coordinating with our customers, suppliers, shareholders and governments at all levels.
We attach importance to the sense of responsibility.
  By strictly disciplining ourselves and keeping our promises, we are responsible for our own behaviors and consequences.
  We loyally carry out our own job-based duties, work hard to reach the objective, and strive to bring about the best results. 
  We actively advocate responsibility-based management, stimulate and assist our employees to boldly fulfill their responsibility and obligation instead of shirking it.
  As a corporate citizen with a sense of responsibility and morality, we earnestly fulfill our responsibility and obligation for our country, society and environment.
We seek for truthfulness and transparency
  We base our speeches and decisions on data and facts.
  All our actions must be above board.
  We establish and maintain a corporate atmosphere of impartiality, incorruption and justice.
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